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Photo of a group of student musicians playing in front of the Auxiliary Partners.

Giving Priorities

Photo of a group of student musicians playing in front of the Auxiliary Partners.

Giving Priorities

While Belmont appreciates all philanthropic giving, the We Believe campaign focused on five strategic areas deemed critical to enriching and preserving what Belmont can offer its students for the next 125 years.


Endowed Scholarships

There is no greater fundraising priority for Belmont University than scholarships for deserving students. Privately supported scholarships provide much needed assistance to students with financial need and often mean the difference between choosing to attend Belmont and forgoing the opportunity. Endowed scholarships in particular offer the University the ability to count on funding in perpetuity and thereby recruit and retain the best and the brightest students regardless of financial circumstances.


Faculty Support 

A world-class faculty is imperative to the success of any university, and Belmont is blessed to have professors and instructors who are dedicated to providing the very best teaching and mentoring possible. Our faculty are constantly striving to improve the experiences of Belmont students in the classroom and beyond. Gifts in the form of endowed chairs and professorships allow Belmont to recruit excellent new faculty, provide opportunities for professional development and enhance resources available to direct toward student learning.



Belmont University’s status as a Christian university creates a unique opportunity in higher education to offer life-changing missions as part of the student experience. As President Fisher often says, we provide a place for students to find their God-given purpose through service to each other, their community and the world beyond. Increased private support for missions will ensure that Belmont continues to meet the demand created by an increasing student body as well as enhance our current offerings.



Belmont’s 17 Division I athletic teams represent the University’s commitment to excellence both on and off the playing field in tremendous fashion. Every Belmont athlete is a student first, endeavoring to succeed in the areas that matter most. Our commitment to continuing success in athletics extends to providing scholarship funds to our dedicated athletes. Endowed athletic scholarships increase Belmont’s ability to recruit high-caliber student athletes who embody our values and represent the University around the world.


Annual Giving 

Donors who choose to designate their gifts to the University’s Annual Fund are choosing to support the student experience in the most direct way possible. The Annual Fund serves as a mechanism to fund activities such as student conferences, mission trips, special speakers and performances, student competitions and research, and much more.