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Belmont father, Peter Mirabello, established the Kimberly Frost Comstock Endowed Scholarship to support students in Belmont’s Songwriting program.

How did you first decide to become involved as a Belmont parent?

The fall of my daughter Anna’s sophomore year was the first time I really had to take in campus. Up until then, our visits had been logistical: apartments, utilities and planning as she began her career off-campus. When I had the chance to walk around campus and feel, breathe, and see it, Belmont resonated with me. I was pleased to know that this was where my daughter was going to be, and I wanted to help how I could.

Why did you make your first gift to Belmont?

Anna was focused from an early age as to what she wanted to do. Her commitment to music and the arts never waned.  Once we knew that this was her passion, finding a school that could address that was not easy to do. But when we found Belmont, we saw that the language of art and music was here. The university made Anna feel connected to her passions and her peers. 

Why do you want to support songwriting specifically?

This school has a lot to offer across a variety of disciplines, including music. Students in the music realm, sometimes need support and inspiration. It doesn’t take a lot, but that help in the right direction can be significant to someone just starting on their path. Songwriting is a special type of education that requires an internal gift and supporting those types of students is gratifying.

Why would you encourage others to give to Belmont? 

We have an opportunity to help. Being helpful has always been part of an outlook. You don’t do it based on abundance, you do it out of a desire, a want to help. Young people are always worthwhile, and I hope others at Belmont continue to feel the same. Belmont has momentum and a lot of great people involved, so I am grateful to be involved. Let’s leave a legacy.