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Belmont parents Randy and Rhonda Toney established the Toney Family Endowed Scholarship for Belmont Athletics to support student-athletes. Belmont will name the Men’s Basketball Team Lounge of the Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis Practice Facility in recognition of this generous support.  Their son, Charlie Toney, graduated from Belmont as part of the Class of 2009.

How did you first decide to be involved with Belmont University? 

I grew up loving the game of basketball and attended my first Belmont game in 1972 to see former Stratford High great, Bill Clark, play. I attended games sporadically for the next 25 years or so. In the late 90’s, I became close friends with Kevin LeGate, a former Belmont player and later assistant coach. He was instrumental in getting me fully connected with Belmont and the basketball program.  Both our children, Charlie and Michelle, attended Rick Byrd’s basketball camps for several years. Our son graduated from Belmont in 2009.

When did you make your first gift to Belmont?

We made our first gift to Belmont in 2003 when the Curb Event Center opened. 

Why do you want to support Belmont as an institution?

Belmont is a faith based Christian institution with a remarkable academic reputation. This appealed to us a faith-centered family in the middle Tennessee community. We fully align with the mission of Belmont. It is rewarding to watch the University succeed in their mission and experience its growth over the years.

Why are you supporting athletics specifically?

Athletics have always been a big part of my own life – as both a player and a coach. The culture of student-athletics at Belmont aligns with our own family culture and belief system. Belmont athletes embody the truest sense of Belmont’s mission – emphasizing the importance of an education and the athlete without compromising either element. Excellence on the court or another field of play is equally important as excellence in your personal life.

What about your experience with Belmont inspired this gift?

Attending Belmont basketball games is something we enjoy as a family. We enjoy the competition and the relationships we’ve developed with other fans of the game. We’ve been blessed, and we believe in sharing our blessings with others. This opportunity to give allows us to share in a very small way in Belmont athlete successes on and off the court or field.

As a donor, what would you like to see for Belmont’s future?

We’ve enjoyed watching the university expand its reach and its impact. To see that continue for years to come would be gratifying. Training young adult student-athletes to excel, growing their knowledge and their faith, and guiding them in their pursuit of the Lord’s purpose for their lives is a privilege which Belmont obviously fosters with great care.

Why would you encourage others to give to Belmont?

Others who gave before us provided what we experience and enjoy today. As a member of a local community and world, being part of an intersection of faith, family and learning should be something in which everyone wants to participate. Giving to Belmont is just one way to participate in a University invested in the future of the student. When the Lord pours out His abundant blessings on you, you can share His blessing with others, and when you give to Belmont, you can witness the impact of your gift in many aspects.