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David and Nancy Faulkner

Belmont parents David and Nancy Faulkner established the Faulkner Family Endowed Scholarship to support hardworking student-athletes on the tennis team. Belmont will name the Tennis Lobby area in the Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis Practice facility after the Faulkner family as a result of their generous support.

How did you first decide to be involved with Belmont University (alumni/parent/other)? 

We are parents to a Belmont student-athlete!   

When did you make your first gift to Belmont?

We began giving to Belmont three years ago but just made our gift this year to support the new Tennis Facility in the brand new Athletic Practice Center and to provide a scholarship to a future tennis student-athlete.   

Why do you want to support Belmont as an institution?

We fell in love with Belmont during our first visit to the campus with our son when he was a senior in high school. That love has only been strengthened during our son’s time at Belmont.  Belmont made it clear to us during each of our visits, that as a Christian University, they truly cared about each student who arrived there and would look out for each student’s wellbeing.  We knew our son was in “good hands” when we left him at Belmont, and it brought my wife and me such comfort to know that.  In this day and age, I don’t know how many parents can say that when they drop their child off at college for the first time!   

Why are you supporting athletics specifically?

Athletics is a vital part of a University, not only for the student-athletes, but for all students.  We made this gift to show our support for Belmont making the decision to bring its Tennis Facility and tennis courts back on campus as part of the new Athletic Practice Center. We also want to support future tennis student-athletes at Belmont. 

What about your experience with Belmont inspired this gift?  

Our son has loved being a member of a very competitive Division I Men’s Tennis Team at Belmont.  The experience has taught him so many life lessons and given him so many friendships all over the country and world that we wanted to support Belmont in being able to give other student-athletes that same experience.    

As a donor, what would you like to see for Belmont’s future? 

My hope is that Belmont will continue to grow and thrive in athletics and as an educational institution but always remain true to its mission and values as a Christian University.   

Why would you encourage others to give to Belmont? 

I want others to give to Belmont, so it can continue to offer many great opportunities to students and student-athletes alike for years to come.  Belmont supporters should know that you don’t have to be super-rich or wealthy to give, and you can make your gift over a five year period.