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Belmont BBA and MBA graduate

Past President of Belmont Alumni Association Board of Directors

How did you first decide to be involved with Belmont University as an alumnus?

My senior year, I met Debbie Coppinger who had recently joined Belmont as the Alumni Director. She asked if I would consider serving on a newly formed Young Alumni Council, which I did. A week after meeting her, I also learned that I was selected by Dr. Fisher’s office to be an Alumni Regent on the Board of Trust and Regents and served a three-year term on the board.

Why do you want to support Belmont?

This university has given me a tremendous gift for which I will forever be grateful. I was able to fulfill all of my dreams for an undergraduate education and then some. It’s very likely I would not have married my wife of eight years had it not been for Belmont since it was my year abroad in Germany that brought Chandra and I together.

Why are you supporting scholarships specifically?

As the recipient of the Hearst Scholarship (full tuition, room and board, and books), I always knew that when I was in a position to do for another student what someone, through their generosity, did for me, that I would. Not purely out of a sense of obligation (because I may not ever be able to fully repay all that’s been given to me nor is that the donor’s intent), but I want to give back because of an overflowing amount of gratitude for every blessing I have been given. So this is my motivation for giving back and starting an endowed scholarship fund bearing my name. In a lot of ways, I’ve just started my journey. I’m very much still building my career. I still have three very young children of my own that I’m raising, and Chandra and I have lots left to accomplish. But now seemed to be the appropriate time to take this step in our philanthropy

What about your experience as a student at Belmont inspired this gift?

I feel strongly that Belmont was exactly where I was meant to go to college. Not only did I receive an excellent education, but I also gained opportunities to lead through the Student Government Association, serve as President of the Black Students Association, and contribute to the Nashville community through volunteer opportunities. My year abroad in Germany studying international business and interning for BMW was a phenomenal experience. I was able to fulfill all of my dreams for an undergraduate education and then some.

Why would you encourage others to give to Belmont?

I would encourage others to give to Belmont because Belmont has proven itself as a phenomenal steward of its resources. Although it has continued an aggressive trajectory of growth, it has remained true to its core values.