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Charlie and Annie Trost have committed part of their estate to establish the Charles and Annie Trost Endowed Scholarship at Belmont University. This scholarship will support law students with financial need who demonstrate a significant and sincere commitment to public interest law. Charlie, a longtime Belmont faculty member, and Annie, a longtime Belmont supporter, are committed to helping students, past, present and future.

How did you first decide to be involved with Belmont University? 

I first decided to become involved with Belmont when I learned of its plans to start a law school. I had taught at the University of Alabama Law School earlier in my career and was at the point in my career that I wanted to get back into teaching law and saw this as an opportunity to do so and remain in Nashville.        

When did you make your first gift to Belmont?

My first “gift” to Belmont was my serving the first year as an Associate Dean for External Affairs (essentially introducing the new law school to lawyers and judges) for $1 a year. The courses I taught are not offered in the first year curriculum so there was no provision in the budget for money to pay me. I continued to make annual gifts to Belmont to augment the Dean’s fund that were matched by Waller Lansden.                              

Why do you want to support Belmont?

I continue to support Belmont because I have seen the excellent stewardship it provides for the gifts it receives.                                                    

Why are you supporting the law school specifically?

As a new law school Belmont competes at the highest level with older, more established law schools who receive support from their large cadres of alums, most of whom are better able to give larger amounts.  While our alumni are just getting started in their careers, they are generous givers in proportion to their earnings.

What about your experience as a member of faculty inspired this gift? 

I have seen our students working hard to raise money to fund various activities and events that are ordinarily provided by more established law schools.

Why would you encourage others to give to Belmont? 

I would encourage others to give to Belmont for the use of the college of their choosing because Belmont has a culture and mission that produces graduates who become the type of citizens and leaders we want to see in control of the future of our country and our community.