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Betty Brewer attended Belmont in the early 1950’s. Her parents, Joel and Ida Skelton, established the Betty Skelton Brewer Endowed Scholarship in 1985 to honor their daughter and to support music students who were training to become church musicians. Betty recently renewed the family’s commitment to the scholarship by pledging additional support as part of the We Believe campaign. Over the years, the Betty Brewer Endowed Scholarship has supported more than 15 students in their education at Belmont and will support more students far into the future.

How did you first decide to be involved with Belmont University? 

It was Belmont College when I attended, and it was much smaller than it is now.  When I was younger I was familiar with Ward Belmont, but I was not interested in a girls’ school.   Once the Baptists bought it, and it became Belmont College, I became interested!  I really liked the school, and felt led to attend Belmont.

Why do you want to support Belmont?

Belmont’s growth over the years has been inspiring.  I’ve watched as Belmont has forged its own way as a Christian community of service and learning for its students.

Why are you supporting music specifically? 

I was a music major with emphasis on piano, and it has been exciting to see what they have accomplished with all the music coming from Belmont.  During a visit to Belmont’s campus to visit with my mother, my husband, Charles, and I took her to a Belmont event. While we were there Dr. Richard Shadinger took us to see the carillon bells and even played for us. It was wonderful!

What about your experience as a student inspired this gift? 

The kindness and encouragement of the professors is what I remember most.  Almost immediately, they had me play the piano to accompany the Belmont choir.  Later I was also asked to accompany the College Choir for the inauguration of the first Belmont College President, Dr. Ransom Kelly White.  There were always opportunities to be meaningfully involved.

As a donor, what would you like to see for Belmont’s future? 

I hope Belmont continues on this path of excellence that it has forged—as a university of incredible growth and commitment to the Christian mission. 

Why would you encourage others to give to Belmont? In order to continue on this remarkable path, we need to help others in the Belmont community–that is why I support Belmont and its students.