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Harold and Paula Fogelberg

Harold Fogelberg, (retired) Director of the Edward C. Kennedy Center for Business Ethics at Belmont University

Harold and Paula Fogelberg Ethics Scholarship Endowment

How did you first decide to be involved with Belmont University?

After I took early retirement from 30 years in commercial banking, the Dean of the Business School invited me to teach.  I started with just one course, then two and three and eventually agreed to serve as the Kennedy Ethics Center Director for 10 years.  Unintentionally, teaching evolved into a second career.

What about your experience as a faculty member at Belmont inspired this gift?

The inspiration for the gift actually came from my wife Paula.  She could easily see that my second career became a passion, inspired by my involvement with eager Belmont students. She also had the opportunity to interact with students by attending Ethics Bowl competition trips and other various student activities.

Why do you want to support Belmont?

We know, first hand, that Belmont is making a real difference in providing students with a quality education and positive life experiences while preparing them to be responsible and successful business leaders. Ethics is mission-centric in the Massey School of Business, and we want to support educational environments like this.

Why are you supporting scholarships specifically?

I have been impressed with how resourceful Belmont students are in receiving grants and scholarships as well as working part time jobs to pay for their education.  This scholarship is being established to financially support students committed to, and actively involved with, ethics-centered programs and activities.

Why would you encourage others to give to Belmont? 

Paula and I were very fortunate to receive scholarship assistance at both undergraduate and graduate schools.  Scholarships are an opportunity to give back, and we are grateful to be able to support students in this environment.