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Zerby Family Scholarship to Support Audio Engineering Students in the Curb College

The Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business recently announced the establishment of the Zerby Family scholarship, thanks to a generous half million dollar endowment from the Zerby family. Their endowment will generate $20,000 annually, to support students within the Curb College with a preference for Audio Engineering Technology (AET) majors with financial need. This is the largest scholarship dedicated solely to the Curb College and the first and only scholarship at Belmont focused on the AET program.

Jackson Alexander Zerby, the eldest of his siblings, graduated from Belmont in December 2017 with his Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering. AET is one of Belmont’s many signature programs that positions students to enter the music business and join industry professionals, on Music Row and across the country. AET studies the art, science and practical application of audio engineering. At Belmont, students in the AET program are prepared to pursue career in the application, installation, research, development and operation of audio systems.

Jackson’s parents, Heidi and Terryl, became involved on campus through the Parent Leadership Council (PLC), a group of current Belmont parents who give $5,000 or more annually the university. These donors receive opportunities to connect with top faculty, senior leaders and program directors; learn about new and existing academic programs; and hear We Believe Campaign updates. Through their connections with faculty, staff and other parents, the Zerbys became interested in contributing to Belmont on a larger scale. Particularly, Heidi cited, “Our inspiration is from the interest and support provided to Jackson by the Belmont faculty and staff which has led to his exponential growth during the last four years.”

Terryl and Heidi have a history of philanthropy, but usually prefer to stay out of the spotlight. They chose to endow a scholarship and promote Belmont’s College of Music Business because they know it can encourage others to do the same. They stated, “Financial gifts to higher learning are the fuel which provides for extraordinary needs and the realization of additional opportunities by its beneficiaries.  These gifts, too, are the vehicle for some students to realize a dream otherwise not possible.” Their endowment will have an incredible impact on a student every year and provide support for the university in perpetuity.

Senior Director of Development, Debbie Sprang said, “Through the generosity of the Zerby family, future students who share Jackson’s passion for music production and the music industry will be able to afford and graduate from Belmont.  We are grateful for this tremendous support and their desire to remain connected with the university.”